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I just wanted to thank you again for your show at CCTV54. I thoroughly enjoyed your performance-what a great band! I'm looking forward to catching your act sometime in the near future. Again, thanks.
I was at the Isle Saturday night, and y'all were great! Loved the old school and newer funk as well. I was the blonde who told you while you were eating at the buffet that I really loved what y'all did. I've checked the calendar and plan to see one of your shows in Denver as soon as I can!
Hi, I'm Andy Pasto from The Nacho Men, and I just have to say that I think Hot Lunch is awesome. I can really appreciate the tenacity it takes to remain vital in the Denver live music scene. You all have my total respect, both musically and personally. Funny, our musical relationships have lasted longer than many marriages. Keep up the great work!
Well the old phrase: "We ain't gettin older we're gettin better" applies to you guys! My wife still thinks you are the best band in Denver and I try to tell her that I KNOW all you fools and you're just tryin to stay young! ;D You are all long and special friends so please keep it comin! Kathy and I will always remain loyal and constant fans. HOLLA ATCHA BOI! The Boy Wonder
I was with the "New York" celebration last night at the Club Level Sports Bar. I just wanted to say thank you for the love and attention you gave to the Morales family and friends. I also want to tell you you have lots of new fans. The music was awesome and I'm looking forward to seeing you again!
Hot Lunch still served "hot" after 30 years! I'm grateful for a second plate! I seen u at Brickhouse (tonite) 10-18-09. I spoke with Philip before the show and said that i had seen u 30+ years ago? Basins Up. Amazing then! & had honestly wondered thru the years what had become of the band.I signed up for Brickhouse newsletter and lo n behold on the menu was "hotlunch" knowing there could only be 1...i looked forward to seeing them. Talent above then before but same the graciousness to a fan as i remembered yrs ago. To be where you are now because you wanted it, believed it & passionately felt it, doesn't just happen. i feel it happens because you visualized it, tasted it and prepared for it. I don't know but I am guessing these were pretty "key" ingredients for the success of the band & i'm grateful that you are still making music and note for note send out a "universal" song. one can feel the energy & it shows in their dance & stance! I told my 16 yr daughter & her friend about my "experience" of seeing the band and went to website & they luved you! so know that u are now what mom thought was "cool" then is awesome & cool for them too..after all these years! who would've guessed! sure i sound a bit crazy! but grateful for your music. xoxo Marla Bain i probably sound like i fell off the luni truck but just
I saw you cats play at the Isle of Capri casino a few days ago. I was the drummer with the 3 other guys at the bar who saw all three nights. Make no mistake, you guys are good enough for the House of Blues in Chi town where I'm from and even a long gig in Vegas! Haven't heard great funk music in ages, but you guys are the best!
I had the pleasure of hearing your group for the first time ever at the Isle Casino in Black Hawk this weekend! In case you couldn't see, you inspired all the cashiers in the cage with the Hula Hoop song! We had a blast listening to you and told the manager on duty to beg you guys to play until six a.m. when we night crew workers got off work! I hope you come to the Isle again soon. Thanks again, loved your sound. Cashier Christine
OMG! You guys are SICK! (that means AWESOME these days) I L-O-V-E-D your sound! Saw you at Q's...1st time in that bar and I'm glad I got to see you guys. We'll be dancin' to you again soon!
My husband and I enjoyed your band at the Martinez Family BBQ this past weekend July18th. You are amazing!!! We are looking forward to seeing you again at the Peach Festival in Lafayette August 22nd.
Louie,Still luv your music.
My sisters and I saw your band at the Dillon Amphitheater on Saturday, July 11th and we thought you were awesome! do you have any CDs for sale?
I saw your show in Dillon, Colorado last week and really enjoyed your music!
Every time Nicole brings me out to see your performance I have a wonderful time. Love you Harold! And Philip, We shall see you soon.....Promise!!(wink, wink)
Wow!! I was basically an original Hot Lunch groupie and I absolutely can't wait to see you all back together again, at Southlands! Maybe you all will get me out and about again. I loved you back in the day, so I know I'm gonna love you again!!
Hello, I just saw you guys perfoem last week at The Brickhouse. I was in town at home on leave from the Army when my Aunt, Nikki Irwin, invited me to come see you. She explained to me how she used to come see you guys when she was my age, Needless to say you guys were awesome and I hope to have the privlege to come see you live again next time I am home. SPC Kevin Nakata US Army, Ft. Polk
looking forward being in along with other FAN'S GUESTBOOK! would like see in person concert here in WILMINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA! THE HOT LUNCH BAND!
Hey Guys, It is so nice to see you guys, I would love to hear hear from Michael, I miss you!!! after 15 years it's so wonderful to see familiar faces. I will be waiting for your response, from Arizona...Avette
I worked the back stage security and keep asking where my hot lunch
Fun with Hot Lunch in the Summertime! Hi Philip!
My wife and I have been talking about Hot Lunch since we first saw you perform in the early '90's at Basins Up. We loved your music then and from the nation, we are so happy to see that you all are still around. Take care and God Bless
Hey guys! Great to see you all together. Looking forward to partying with you soon. Carleena aka Steve's Little Sister
I love you guys you go PHIL I am your number one fan Marsh too (smile)
Wanted to wish Carl a Happy Brithday with much luv. Sister
my brothers you all have been one of or the best hottest funk and chick magnet bands in the Denver area Iam a bit older now and married with children still after the time that has passed you all still got the movidas (the moves) and the grooves good luck and god bless you all
Yo Reggie....I want you to come play on my album :)
Amazing show in Denver. What's wrong? Dontcha like HOT LUNCH? Highlight your special songs! Oh me long john!
The Denver show was BF'in goodya! I brought my own whiskey and had that good conversation. Don't mind if I do! Skip all those other ratfinks and go see HOT LUNCH!!!
Caught you guys at the Cinco in Denver. The Hot Lunch Band is Hot!!! Hot!!! Hot!!! Thanks for the great show.
Wonderful to see that Hot Lunch is BACK! Why don't you come show South Dakota what you're all about?! Don't be scared! :o)
I have to say that my wife and I saw Hot Lunch for the first time last week at Patrick's and we have to say from all the groups we have seen up there Hot Lunch is #1 on our list of best groups to see. We will continue to follow Hot Lunch
I got three things to say Marcus Miller, Stanley Clarke, Victor Wooten
Hey all, I just wanted to let you know that you have been on my mind and I MISS YOU GUYS!!! Philip, I Love you Baby... I hope all is well, God Bless, Robin
The world is a much better place because of us left handed drummers because we are in our RIGHT minds, literally!
We met at Qs in Littleton. I was the photographer. I hope you enjoyed the photos as much as I enjoyed the music. I would love to help you promote your music via photos. Contact me about your next show either on myspace.com/echelonarts or www.echelonarts.com ~Jeremiah
We love you guys and we'll see you soon!!!
Hey - I'll have to come check you guys out!!
Saw you first at Patricks 3 weeks ago and followed you to Hoffbrau's last night. After two shows, I'm hooked! You guys rock the stage with talent oozing from every one of you. The brotherhood is throwing a feast of Hot Lunch our way, and we say "can I have some more?" Can't wait to see you all again. Let's parteh!! Nice to meet you PMW III ; )
Hey guys good to see you are gigging these days. Best of Luck....
Had the pleasure of hearing your group for the 1st time this weekend at the Brick House. Loved your music. Looking forward to seeing you again!
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I am trying to find the song that you guys open with... i think it is a david sanborn.. but could you let me know??? thanks!! You are the BEST
Hey guys glad to see you are still going strong. Want to see you soon. Take care Kelley (and Biz)
I was at Q's last Friday night to celebrate a friend's (lunch lady Juli)50th birthday and heard your fantastic sound. Your sax guy gave a special touch to this evening by playing at our table. I had the best time in a long time. Oh and guitar boy wasn't too bad either!! I almost bought you a brew. Maybe next time. Anyway, you guys have great chemistry up there and look like you are definitely having fun too. Thanks again!!
I stumbled across you guys by accident last night (3/7/09) At Q's Pub in Littleton. I had just spent the night at my friends 50th birthday party and then got a call from some other friends that were going to be at Q's and wanted me to meet up with them. I'm so GLAD I went. You guys are Fantastic.........and Louie had me in total and complete awe. Thanks so much for providing the tunes to what turned out to be a great night. I can't wait to come and see you play again.
Carl, You sexy man...how the hec are you? Are you still living in your condo on Buckley? I live right up the street. Long time no see! I bet your daughter is all grown up. Hope that Barb and I will get out to see you guys soon! Trish
Came out to see you guys Valentine's night at Cool River......GREAT SHOW! Really enjoyed the music and the vocals. Look forward to seeing you guys perform again...SOON!
Had a dream Feb 12 2009, said i needed to go out and dance, on Feb 13 2009 some friends envited me to Cool Rivers just as the band was getting started, the friends left, I stayed and to my pleasant suprise was dancing for most of the night. Their music was a religious experience, tight band, good harmonies and an excellent choice of music. Thank you for making my dream come true!!
I just checked out the video clip and loved it. I hope to get to the Brick House or Hoffbrau in March to check you guys out. I've also been listening to the CD Michael put together and the memories are flowing. Love you guys!! See you soon!! Robbie
When are you'all going to be at club 303?? i thought reggie said sometime in Feb??
Hey all, It was so good to see you at the summit a couple of weeks ago. You played a couple of my favorite songs (Do Wa Ditty and calafornia Love) Keep up on the fantastic work. I Love and appreciate you all and Louie, great job on the work outs you look great... Love ya, Robin :)
You guys were awesome last night! I know it was propbably hard not having Michael there, but you came thru with flying colors! Michael, Doug and I pray that you have a very speedy recovery! Hope to see you soon doing what you love to do!
I'll see you guys soon! Looking foward to hearing your new sound! Ciao Love ya bye
Reggie, Carl call me so we can talk about a price for you to come play @ the Boneyard. ASAP! My # is 720.329.4309
I finally get a weekend off, so I will see you all at the Summit. It is good to sit back and check out a great band.
Oh snap!! All my big brothers are back!! And as always it's a pleasure to see my family get it on and poppin'. When I first moved to Colorado from California in 1993, you guys took to me like a lil brother. We ran Westminister at Babes Nightclub every weekend. I'll be out soon to get down with you. Love always, Corey Warlick Eighty 3 Productions Music Production & Artist Development 720-275-8007 www.eighty3p.com
We can always count on a great time when we see you play! Glad you're on the circuit! James is thankful that Hot Lunch is back together. Kelly
You guys always keep it real. Music is awesome, we have seen you several times at Cool River and Brick House. Love the Brick House, very nice club. Keep on keepin on.........
Where are you all playing at I need a calendar.
Happy New Year! The ladies and I plan on coming to see you one of these days. Maybe in March @ Haufbrau. We'll keep checking your upcoming dates, hope all is well and you're having a blast! Sherry
you MUTHA !@#$%!'s SUCK !!! you sound like county and western singers.thats the worst rock and roll i've ever heard. OH!!! my fault it wasnt rock and roll.that explains the black guys and that one guy what ever he is. luv u fuckers !!!
There is a God Hot lunch is Back !!!!! i still have the the 12' of hot lunch Dj Sweet Pee
Caught ya at The Brickhouse on Sat. Loved the music. Keep us updated on your next gigs! I'll be there!
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Michael, I cannot believe you got the band back together!!!! Do you remember me?-(Barb and Randy)-Remember my kids-Lindsay and Brendt?-Remember you dressed up as Santa one year and came to the house for dinner? Remeber us talking on the phone about relatiionships, yours, mine, etc??????? Remember.....remember????? I tried to find you, but you were never listed with information. I see Louie and Reggie-Carl died-right?-who else is in the band now.? We were at the Aurora Summit lastnight and saw HOT LUNCH COMING AND i about had a heart attack! Can't wait to see you all on the 23rd-we have so much catching up to do. Maybe Lindsay will come too.(she's 27 now) How are you? Are you with anyone special? What have you been doing for the last 15-20yrs? You look the same (except for the gray) Are you still writing some music-i thought you went back to Va or whereever you were from. I am so happy you are here Can't wait to see you. Big hug always, Barb
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WORRRRRRRRD i finally got thru lookin foward2 C ing you this weekend n now i can keep track party over here
are u playing antwhere 4 newyears
Have a nice day for all!
vfkflehfxfdjeqouwell, hi admin adn people nice forum indeed. how's life? hope it's introduce branch ;)
hi guys! i was surprised to hear you have slit from hazel! hope all is well, and you are enjoying the holidays! happiness to you all in 2009
Glad your back !!!!!!!!!! Merry Christmas, and a prosperous New Year. See ya soon! Steve & Gwen
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I saw HOT LUNCH @ Patrick's Night Club in Aurora about 1 month ago and I loved it. Please e-mail me with current events.
Glad to see a great band daring enuogh to truely "FUNK IT UP and OUT", when it's necessary. Keep it groovin Dogs.
Well, I have to say... WOW!!I was captured by your sound! And the vitality just grabbed me! The 13th Dec. at The Summit,I witnessed incredible talent and had a wonderful time. just checked out your calender and I will be back for more!THANKS for a really fun,moving evening! Susan
Hey Guys, I miss you as I haven't been able to go out for a while. I am so glad you are playing every weekend... After the holidays I plan on going to see you a lot more. I hope all of you have a wonderful christmas and a very happy new year. God Bless and much Love Robin :)
Hey Reggie, Met you @ Patrick's a couple of weekends ago. We know Carl and he was the one that introduced us, I think you know my husband. Anyway I am inquiring about your rates for my 50th Birthday coming up in February. If feasible I'd very much would like you guys to play for hopefully a celebration I'm trying to put together. You can also have Carl contact my husband if you have any questions. Thanks a bunch!!! Lana
You guys are so precious! Love you much! Linda/Miss Argetina!:o) Muchos Besos!
my husband and i really enjoyed your music last month at the Brick House. My husband knows Louie from the Rachel nite club days Robert Trujillo. Look forward to listening to your band again.
Yo - Brother Lou!! What up man... Just checking yall out... Glad to see Hot lunch is back on the local menu. Much Love Brotha....
I am looking forward to seeing you for the first time ever this year.
After hearing u perform Chuckii Bookers "Games" which was great, I was wondering if u could add Keni Burkes "Risin to the top" to your songlist, u guys got it going on, thx for coming back, always loved your shows!
Hey Louie - Hey Everyone! Just checking where you all are this coming weekend, maybe I'll see you!
Hey guys!!!! Just wanted to drop a few lines and let you know how much I appreciate you guys!!! Going to hear you guys play is ALWAYS an excuse for a date night with my husband!!! So thank you!!!
My goodness good to see the band again, very nice to see you too Phillip and that all is well. (Woodhaven Apts.) Will certainly be looking forward to listening to The Hot Lunch band again.
Please add me to your contact list. I really enjoyed your performance at the Brick House.
Hey daddy, just leaving you a message
I Love some Hot Lunch
Saw you guys at the Brickhouse on Friday and Saturday. You guys JAM! Thanks for great entertainment!
I love all of you very much and so glad that you have come back together as a family!! I hope to see you all soon and give my love to everyone!! Karen!!!
Hey Guys!! It was great to see all of you at Red Rocks CC over the forth of July. I just check out your web and your demo. Peg and I look forward to seeing your new band. Keep up the great job!!
My family and I saw you guys in Dillon on the 4th of July - you ROCK!! Looking forward to seeing you back in Denver soon!
Holy. holy.. holy.. you are back together??? awesome!!!!
You all are incredible!!! All the best in the coming year!
I would like to me updated re; your calendar via email. Hopefully you do email blasts? Thanks!
You guys really Rock!!!!!!! Love, your Cousin's from the South!!!!!!
reg, i'm glad that, after all these years you finally figured out that you were born a musician! best wishes and hope to see you real soon! dean
Damb it's good to see you all back together,It looks like you all jell, I know it was a tough road back, ( but you guys are back ) and that's what counts. Im telling friend and family to check you guys out,, ALL I CAN SAY IS I HOPE GOD BLESSES YOU ALL AND PUTS YOU ON THE RIGHT ROAD TO SUCCESS. See you soon.. Ps.I hope I spelled everything ok Im a product of denver public schools.Maniual,Maniel,Shit Manual High 1977
Thanks for bringing the FUNK !!!!! back Keep up the great sounds.......
Glad to see you guys are back in action. I am an associate member of NACA ( National Association of Campus Activities). Let me know via Michael if you guys are interested in playing the college market!
Ya'll got better with age...STILL HOT!!! Can't wait to see you back in action.